How to Market Your Website With Ads


You did it; you created your website and now it needs traffic. You have two choices as a website owner: improve the SEO of your newer posts, or use advertisements to aid your growth. Let's explore the advertising option.


Your website needs prep for promotion. The appearance and load time of your website impacts the performance of your ad material. Optimize the design, user interface and content to ensure that your visitors stick around.

Know Your Reason

Besides impressive traffic numbers, why do you want people to visit your website? Do you hope to get monetized by ad platforms, or are you hoping to generate more revenue from courses or affiliate links? Your reason will determine the focus of your advertisement.

Identify Your Target Audience

Facebook, Google and TikTok are the usual places for ads. But which of these has users who will read, listen and buy? Map out your ideal demography to specify the details of your promotion.

Why Are the Above Categories Necessary

Those help you lower the cost per click (CPC) of advertising. A successful campaign leaves you with profit after marketing expenses get taken out. Many times, the first set of ads is for data gathering and the aim is to learn more about audiences. For these first ads the budgets are usually low, and breaking even is a good sign.

Once your promotion starts converting people, create a series of addictive, similar advertisements. Change the photo, video or video length but continue to use the marketing copy if it works.

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