Best Content Creation Advice From a Writer


Do your articles tank? Have you tried everything, but you are yet to achieve success writing online? Here are three proven tips for new and aspiring writers:

Aim to Connect With Your Audience

Treat your words like a product: build trust and emotional connection. Yes, you want to help a particular reader persona. For example, your archetype is a female business owner with two kids living in Georgia, and her business makes $5,000 profit per month. But what type of reader is this woman?

  • First, someone who expects lots of actionable advice.
  • Second, a reader who will leave a comment or share your post.
  • Third, a fellow creator who highlights your work as inspiration.
  • Forth, someone who moves on to buy your exclusive content.

Many readers begin in the first category. Your words will urge them to move into other categories and become loyal fans. For this to happen, you will need to be the expert or provide relatable content.

Find a Teacher

Most new creators find a mentor first. Mentors encourage and help you deal with your feelings. On the other hand, editors and writing coaches show you how to format headlines, structure articles, choose the best topics, and grow your community. You can still struggle to write your content after speaking with your mentor. However, if you had spoken with a writing coach, you would learn new writing practices, hear their experience, and gain insight about how best to approach your writing goals.

Curate Your Algorithm

Fellow writers can only share their experiences. If someone's rant or success story makes you jealous or angry, you can block them. Choose to consume the content of others who inspire you to improve, as inspirational material can help you stay motivated to keep going.

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