A Key Element of Your Pitch


Will you be pitching investors soon? And if so, what's the element that they will want to see most? The answer is simple: it's a primary sign of business growth and potential - so let's talk about this pitch component.

A Necessary Element of Your Pitch

Investors want to know if a business can grow, thus they want to see a plot of potential future numbers. This chart will answer questions such as:

  • Will the business grow or decline?
  • How much traffic or revenue will the business generate for a year?
  • Which traffic and revenue avenues will increase or decrease?
  • If growth continues at the same rate each year, will the venture be profitable after 5+ years?

Investors care about this information because they want to assure themselves of a return on investment. But what if your pitch doesn't include this information? The investor, partner or collaborator will ask you these questions, and if you don't have answers ready, you'll appear as being unprepared.

Pitch Preparation

In our current economy, everything is uncertain. Your investors will need numbers to believe your statements about business growth potential. The best way to get this data is through a case study, so launch your business to see if a market is ready to buy the offer.

What if the Numbers Are Unfavorable?

This discovery is an excellent one to make early as it encourages experimentation. Over time, you'll find out if changes can optimize the business profitability. What happens if there's no growth potential? At least you'll learn about losses sooner rather than later, and minimize your investment loss.

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