3 Unconventional Pieces of Advice to Build Your Blog Network


Your network determines your net worth, and being around the right people contributes to your success. Your circle can help advance your career so today were showing unconventional ways to grow your blog network.

Build Your Credibility

You don't want to be a writer or creator; you're a writer and a creator. Do actions that show why you hold this title. It's critical to well documented proof as it makes industry experts spare time to meet you. They'll feel confident in your abilities, treat you with respect and consider you for opportunities.

Take a Break From the Internet

The new problems you encounter cannot get fixed with old ways of thinking, so be flexible and meet people face to face. Talk with someone who has already achieved your six-month goals, then become friends and learn how they think. You'll gain insight to tackle issues in new ways, plus this new associate could refer clients to you if you maintain the friendship.

Acts of Kindness

Give meaningful gifts to those you hope to collaborate with in the future. They already receive lots of expensive presents so give something thoughtful. For example, get a notebook with their horoscope sign or favorite animal. This makes you stand out from all the other aspiring collaborators.

Help before you ask. Let's say, while networking, the person asks for your help or for a favor. Offer them your assistance as this request is often a test of your abilities. If you cannot do the task, still offer to help and find someone to get the job done well. In return, you could receive referrals, guest posts or shout-outs.

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