5 Successful Ways to Polish Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Email marketing, a digital goldmine is one of the most effective marketing channels around. Indeed, it is a tried and tested digital marketing technique to promote startups, small businesses, and big-scale enterprises.

In fact, the kind of revenue that email marketing churns out for brands is something worth noticing. One of the reasons why businesses around the world trust email marketing services. There are of course several factors that can increase or decrease the ROI but there are plenty of smart ways to make the most of email marketing campaigns.

So, if you’re pondering on giving your strategy a bit of a boost then keep reading. We’ll dig deeper into practical email marketing tips to help you increase engagement, gain more subscribers and make more money.

1.  Tailor Your Customer’s Onboarding Process

An onboarding email can be just a simple message carrying the steps customers need to take to follow you on social media.

Whether you run a SaaS product or e-commerce business, having a personalized welcome email helps you establish your brand value to your customers.

In SaaS, you can create a series of walkthrough emails that includes your product’s features and benefits while in e-commerce, you can send helpful tips that help your customers how to use the products in your store.

2. Use Behavioral Segmentation Tactics

Firstly, you need to be sure the emails that you send to your customers are relevant to them. That’s where segmentation comes into play so you must not miss out on this important aspect.

For your email marketing strategy to be successful, leverage behavioral-based segmentation. Start by setting up your mailing list provider so you can track your user’s different transaction histories and their peculiar interests. This way you would understand their wants and unique tastes.

Having this kind of information will help you send highly targeted emails, and product/service offers and increase your chances of getting more click-through and higher open rates.

3. Integrate Email Marketing With Other Channels

No wonder, email marketing is in itself a massive tool to take your brand presence to the next level. But, you can combine it with other channels to drive more conversions and provide a seamless experience to your customers.

For instance, you can use email marketing to direct traffic to your website to boost SEO by reducing the bounce rate effectively.

It is recommended to employ an omnichannel marketing approach with your email marketing. Make effective use of social media CTAs to drive leads, prospects, and customers to your email list and follow up subscribers with highly targeted emails and make your landing pages highly converting.

4. Ask For Customer Suggestions

You’re reading this post because you want to improve your email marketing. Isn’t it? So, befriend your customers and try to connect with them on a personal level by sending emails asking for their reviews and feedback.

This strategy helps you refine your content and also make your customers a small part of your business journey. As you receive suggestions from your customers, they’d also look forward to hearing from you next.

You can ask for feedback in the form of sending one-click polls or as simple as sending a link to a survey in the body of the email. Make sure to use checkboxes for multiple-choice questions and consider giving incentives to your customers for being a part of the feedback survey.

5. Make the Most of Preview Text

What may sound like a sneak peek for your subscribers can actually make or break your customer experience. So, don’t undermine the importance of an impressive preview text line. It’s just a matter of a few words and bam; either you’ll get the permanent buyer or a lost opportunity.

Make sure you don’t repeat your subject line while writing a preview text for the email. Add a sense of humor and curiosity that can complement your subject text and persuade customers to open your email right away.

There is no doubt that if you write the preview text line right, you’ll get them to open your emails every time you send one. Take your chances and send that email with a sassy preview line.

Key Takeaway

It’s probably a good time for you to revive your email marketing campaign and devise a powerful strategy that clicks with your customers. You can breathe a new life into your emails with a fresh writing and strategy approach. Of course, the above-mentioned would help you create a series of emails that you always wanted to send to your subscribers.

As you know, email marketing has tremendous potential and if you see it from the perspective of improving and enhancing your emails, you’ll be in a win-win situation. So, use the right email marketing automation tools that help take care of your overall marketing efforts and make your brand stand out from the rest.