The Best Ways to Make Your Mobile Website Load Faster


Because everyone who uses the Internet seems to be in a rush, making a website load as quickly as possible should be a top concern for webmasters. When it comes to the mobile version of your website, loading speed is even more important. Mobile customers are often on the go and have little patience for slow-loading mobile sites.

If you want to maintain mobile visitors' attention long enough to create leads or drive conversions, your mobile website loading time must improve.

Keep Redirects to a Minimum

Redirects slow down your site since it takes the server time to locate and get the original page. The extra seconds that this takes can raise your bounce rate, so keep your redirects to a minimum if you want to maintain your visitors' attention and business.

Make Use of Compressed Images

Massive photos on your website will take a long time to load. Instead, utilize compressed photos that have been scaled for mobile to speed things up. It would be preferable if you could reduce the quantity of photographs on your website. Even better would be to limit images to important visuals such as the website logo.

Simplify Your Website's Design

A website with all the bells and whistles appears to be quite impressive. The quantity of code it requires is also astonishing, making your site bulkier and hence slower. Keep your web design basic but elegant, and make your site lightweight and faster to load on mobile.

Use of Bespoke Typefaces Should Be Kept to a Minimum

Custom fonts look great, but they require a lot of JavaScript or CSS, which might slow things down. Avoid using custom fonts if at all feasible, but if the general aesthetic of your website is largely reliant on them, limit their use to headers or any other crucial portion of your site.

Enable Google AMP

Activating Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative on your website's pages will make them appear fantastic while also loading quickly (independent of device or distribution platform). AMP employs ultra-minimalistic HTML to reduce the time it takes for information on your mobile device to load.

Reduce the Length of Your Signup Process

A normal website signup procedure consists of six to seven steps. Reduce the number of stages to three or four to expedite the process. All of the code you remove in this manner will make your page lighter and quicker.

Minimize Your Code

Your website has a lot of code, and some of it is either redundant or altogether superfluous. Minify your website's code by deleting unneeded code, and your site will be lighter and quicker as a result.

Do a Good Job With Mobile SEO

Google's Mobile First Index is intended to leverage mobile websites as the foundation for Google's rankings and search results. That should enrage webmasters who have websites with no mobile versions or mobile versions that operate badly on smartphones and tablets.

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