Improve Email Deliverability and Secure Campaign Success


If you do email marketing or are considering it, then you need to be familiar with the importance of "deliverability." If you make one big blunder, it can ruin your reputation so be sure to not purchase "some random list" for making your email offers.  Also, get familiar with spam - what it is and how to avoid it. Today we'll discuss several topics to help you succeed!

Get to Know Your Sender Reputation

Every time a subscriber interacts with one of your emails, your sender reputation improves. For example, when the contact opens, clicks, looks through, forwards, or answers your email. Also, if the contact labels your email as 'not spam,' moves it to a folder, adds your sender site to their address book, marks it as important, or stars it - these will all improve your reputation.

Actions such as not opening, not clicking, or labeling your emails as spam (on the other hand), will harm your reputation.

Make a List and Make Sure to Double Check It

It's much preferred to have a high-quality list rather than a high-volume list. Also, use multiple opt-ins to ensure higher quality when growing your list. These allow you to test a new subscriber's activities for a period of time following the first subscription. If they don't respond to your emails, they are removed from your list. As a result, the subscriber base is extremely engaged.

Clear the Clutter

Check that the list does not contain any of the following: duplicate addresses, misspelled or nonsensical addresses, addresses that may have been collected, or addresses with past bounces. Avoid sending emails to purchased lists since they are full of spam traps, have low engagement rates, and you will be sending emails to people who have never accepted to hear from you.

Unsubscribes Should Be Viewed as Opportunities

All email and privacy regulations across the world require senders to provide a functional unsubscribe link in all outbound messages. Allow subscribers to choose the frequency and type of emails they get, as well as alternative ways to remain in contact, such as social network connections.

Learn How to Respond to Bounced Addresses

Soft bounces happen when an email reaches your subscriber's server but isn't sent, typically due to a full inbox, a brief server fault, or a block. Soft bounces, as opposed to harsh bounces, are supplied after several retries.

Hard bounces, on the other hand, are not retried. This type of bounce is typically caused by difficulties such as incorrect email addresses where the user does not exist, or the receiver is unknown.

Say Good-by to Dissatisfied Subscribers

Instead of waiting for uninterested subscribers to unsubscribe or flag you as spam, it's better to adopt a proactive approach. The significance of list quality over list number stems from an old spammer trick to artificially boost deliverability. They may avoid having their emails bounce and be tagged as spam by compiling a list of inactive addresses.

Keep a Watch Out for Spam Reports

While spam complaints are unavoidable for even the most diligent email marketers, analyzing which emails are receiving the most attention may give you with vital information. Knowing what your campaigns are doing to irritate subscribers is a terrific way to enhance your email marketing efforts.

Continue to Be Consistent

Making drastic modifications to your email list and frequency is a simple approach to get the attention of mailbox providers and blacklist monitoring agencies. Instead, attempt to maintain a steady email schedule while saving your ingenuity for content. Your broadcasts should be as predictable as possible, establishing a set of expectations for your subscribers and aiding in the development of your sender reputation.

Improve Your Email Templates

Although the language you use in your subject lines and email content isn’t the most important determinant of deliverability, it does effect how subscribers and mailbox providers perceive you. 
- Watch your tone: utilizing all caps and exclamation points will throw off spam filters for your readers.
- Save an eye on your grammar: aside from providing your subscribers a positive picture of your business, proper grammar and spelling will keep you from being perceived as a spammer.
- Include your physical postal address, a clear 'From' address, and a clear unsubscribe option.

Welcome Your Subscribers Without Overwhelming Them

Subscribers will be excited to hear from you when they initially join up. You should take advantage of this enthusiasm (and obtain some quick interaction) by delivering a welcome message straight away. With high open and click-through rates, welcome emails aid in the development of a positive sender reputation.

Request that contacts whitelist you by adding your 'From' address to their address books in your welcome emails. This provides you with a 'get out of spam free' card for each contact who whitelists you. Mailbox providers keep track of how many of their users do this for each sender when considering whether or not to inbox your email.

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