How to Get More Traffic by Refreshing Your Old Content


The type of content you post on your website may make or break its ranking in global search engines like Google and Bing. According to recent statistics, 92 percent of marketers consider content to be a vital company asset, with 56 percent aiming to increase their content spending in 2022. Old content on your site should be revised in accordance with SEO trends, whether you provide industry news or operate in an eCommerce firm or a SaaS agency.

According to other estimates, updating content may improve organic traffic by 106 percent. With search engines accounting for 93% of all online encounters, SEO is critical.

Why is it Beneficial to Refresh Old Content

Why should you republish content that you wrote months or years ago, instead of focusing entirely on original content? Simply, some information is too amazing to be overlooked. You may be proud of certain articles, case studies, or tutorials and wish to update them without destroying your previous effort.

Because Google's SERP prioritizes current links, updating old content with new SEO keywords, links and multimedia may be incredibly beneficial. Given that Google is the de facto SEO trendsetter, search engines such as Yahoo will follow suit and rank renewed material higher. As a result, the benefits of going through the work of refreshing your site's content might appear in a variety of ways:

-Increased audience engagement as a result of improved content visibility.
-Increased audience retention as old material was updated with new information.
-As a result of updating previous information, the brand’s reputation and industry authority will improve.
-Minimal expenditures in terms of time and resources as compared to developing entirely original material.

Refresh Content and Maximize It

It’s important to note that, while renewing current material will enhance your website’s SEO and save you money, it won’t completely substitute for original content. In addition to updating current materials, you need to make time to create unique articles, multimedia, and other content for SEO and marketing objectives.

Incorporate Content Refresh into Your Regular Production Routine

When you commit to updating your material, you should do it on a regular basis. Use your publication timetable as a guideline and schedule regular content assessments. If renewing outdated material in-house becomes too challenging, you may reach out to SEO services and request expert help to alleviate your content refresh challenges.

Examine the Reliability of Your Internal and External Links

One of the most crucial parts of SEO is link building. Given how frequently individuals change their websites, you should think about renewing your links. Internal and external links should both be on your to-do list when you update material in accordance with current SEO guidelines.

Examine Your Website’s Multimedia on a Regular Basis

Multimedia material on your website, such as photographs, videos, animation, and other non-writing forms of media, can be incredibly detrimental to your SEO. While new multimedia will help your content rank higher in SERPs, broken multimedia without alt-text might have the reverse impact.

Think About Creating More Evergreen Content

When it comes to upgrading old pieces, producing more evergreen content will make it much easier to keep up with SEO trends. Evergreen content, as the term implies, is information that will remain "fresh" considerably longer than news or transitory trends.

Avoid Duplicating Previous Posts

When it comes time to update the material on your website, you should exercise caution. Updated content should always be labeled as such in order to emphasize that, yes, this is an old post with new information.

Even if your traffic is enough now, you may still benefit from prior content by improving your SEO game. Analyze your site's metrics using the aforementioned SEO tools, or hire an SEO service to do it for you.

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