Shopping Cart Design for High Conversions


According to studies, 4 trillion dollars are wasted every year in e-commerce due to cart abandonment. So what exactly does this mean? The buyer visited your site, loved the product, added it to their cart and then boom! They suddenly change their mind and never come back. This shows that there are adjustments for your cart page that can give you great opportunities.

Customers may view their shopping cart on the shopping cart page. It's the customer's final stop before checking out and paying, and it includes an itemized product list with costs. Most websites lose their conversions here, but there are ways for you to get higher conversions from the shopping cart page.

Make Information Clear

Paid shipping is a significant issue for online customers and it's the most common reason for them to abandon their shopping carts. If they pay for shipping, they have to overcome a significant psychological barrier. 

According to an online trial, customers would prefer to pay more for a product than pay for shipping. Because shipping costs significantly impact consumer behavior, address it on the cart page. Free delivery is preferable, but be up-front about how much it will cost them if you must charge.

Have a Clear CTA

The goal of the cart page is to get the customer to "move on" and pay. With a clear CTA button, you guide him from one step to the next. If the buyer is satisfied with what they see on the cart page, then they should have no trouble moving on to the next stage, which is the checkout page - where money is exchanged. Make the checkout button highly visible.

Payment Methods

Not everyone likes to pay with their credit card. This is particularly true in nations where purchasers prefer to make payments through third-party processors. To better understand the different types of consumers you have, make sure the various payment methods are clearly shown on the cart page.


In the product specifications summary, make sure to display photographs of what customers are about to buy. Thanks to large, high-quality photographs, customers can quickly recognize the item that they're about to buy.

Add a Wish List Option

Many of your consumers will wish to acquire various goods and services but will be incapable of doing so for multiple reasons. Perhaps they don't have sufficient cash on hand, or the purchase is out of their price range. By including a 'wishlist' feature in the shopping basket, you encourage customers to set a goal for themselves where they can save up and purchase next week or next month. 

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