Creative Ways to Promote Service-Based Business


In the ever-growing and ever-changing world of marketing, every business requires new and innovative ways to promote its services and products. It's often observed that service-based businesses are overlooked in the sea of product-based companies. So how are service-based businesses to come into the limelight? We've prepared five terrific recommendations that will catapult every service-selling organization onto the thrones of success, by making the task of advertising promising ideas a tiny bit easier. Thus, here are the tips:

Set Social Media Accounts

Set up social media profiles for your local service business if you haven't already done so. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are some social media networks where you might consider creating an account. 

Make sure that you have Glassdoor and Google My Corporate accounts set up, depending on your notion of social networking. Use these social platforms to attract and communicate with customers. You can share any content that you think your target audience will find helpful on Facebook. You can use Instagram to share photographs of satisfied customers and any company announcements.

Providing Pre-order Service

Setting up a mechanism to take pre-orders is a terrific method to keep customers and generate income upfront. Assume you're a wedding photographer, and your client's ceremony has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict. Rather than losing that client, you may offer them the option of paying for your service now and completing the service later.

Sell Quality Instead of Price

If you are a service provider, then get this one thing straight: you are selling quality, not the price, to customers (unlike other sellers whose sole purpose is to sell price then the values). Thus, concentrate on decreasing service costs to sell the quality and value. Bundling two or more products around is a simple and effective way to increase value for clients, and it's the next best thing to lowering your pricing.

Expand Your Advertisement

Consider increasing your marketing in search-corridor media - where customers go first when they're ready to buy - to reach customers across numerous channels. For example, advertising in the Yellow Pages may profit from diversifying into online paid advertising, with a focus on local search via engines like Google and Overture. 

If you link your adverts to a fantastic website with in-depth details about your organization and its offerings, customers will have faith in your abilities to solve their wants.

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