The Strategy to Virality


The Internet is a competitive space, yet it's still possible to go viral. Four primary qualities lead to your viral success and in this article we'll discuss the four main points.

Knowledge of Your Audience

Who do you want to help? The better you know your audience, the more you can use specific, less competitive keywords. This gives you the opportunity to gain loyal readers and the readership grows because you keep providing solutions to their challenges.

It's also important to note that most web pages get traffic during the week. Aim to schedule your posts to go live Monday through Friday morning, when most people are online.

Content Focus

Some topics have a natural advantage over others. New information will gain traction fast (within 24 to 72 hours). On the other hand, evergreen content will have readers coming back to your page for years to come. You can craft a mix of current and evergreen stories to gain and maintain website traffic.


Your headline matters very much so start with informative intrigue. Give people an idea of the article's focus but keep the promised answer a secret. Then it's a good idea to have your first sentence, introduction, body and conclusion building interest. The best articles keep readers intrigued to the very end.

Eye-Catching Layout

Your content will need short paragraphs, photos or subheadings to appear attractive. Broken-up text is easy to scan and encourages people to keep reading. This design is essential because views matter. And sometimes read time will play a role in an article being semi or super viral.

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