Secrets to Self Promotion


Branding is not only something that a company needs to focus on; individuals of working age must improve their self-promotional skills. Self-promotion is essential for many individuals, especially when many people have transitioned from regular nine to five corporate jobs to being freelancers and self-employed. We're not saying that self-promotion isn't needed for individuals that aren't in those categories, but those are some positions where it is imperative to promote yourself because no one else will do it for you.

What Is Self-Promotion

Self-promotion can sometimes feel like a tricky thing to do because you mainly have to bloat about yourself. People need to notice your accomplishments and growth, but how do you do it without coming off as sounding or feeling narcissistic? When you think, "oh no did I say too much? I should stop talking… etc." The list goes on. If those feelings come to mind, think of it like this, your number one priority should be yourself, so ultimately, you should be happy to share your achievements and be proud of what you do. In the end, your work and job are what keep you living. So now, let's look at some strategies that can help you with self-promotion without leaving you with that 'icky' feeling.


Networking in general and networking events in your field are a great way to meet like-minded individuals. This is where you can come together with individuals who share similar achievements with you. You can get inspiration from them because they want to grow in the same field as you, especially when you know that everyone is there for the same reason.

When Others Share, You Share

Since networking events aren't always available to us, one way you can hack the system is to self-promote when others are doing it as well. Moreover, when others share what they have been doing, you often feel the need to reciprocate. This is an excellent example of what Linkedin represents. A platform that is made for you to boast about your achievements and where self-promotion is a must.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Promote yourself as much as you can. Your primary focus should be you, so don't allow what other people might think to stop you from wanting to display your achievements and such on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. If you shift your point of view to the positive aspects of self-promotion, you will see that a more significant percentage of individuals will want you to succeed. They will congratulate you on awards and commend you for your achievements.

Self-promotion is a topic one can talk about for hours. This is just a brief reminder that you shouldn't feel the slightest bit 'icky.' You are promoting yourself and the hard work that has gotten you to where you are today. Remember that you are not the only person that is self-promoting, so speak up.

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