Why You Should Have a Portfolio Website


Is just a resume alone enough for some professions in today's busy world? Personal portfolio websites have been popular for some time now and allow you to become more open with your projects and work.

Let's look at why you should consider having a personal portfolio website.

What Is a Portfolio Website?

A portfolio website, in essence, is your personal page where you can display examples of what you know how to do. This is where potential employers can go to confirm your knowledge of specific subjects, programs, and more. You can think of it as an extended resume where you display your expertise and hyper-specialized skills and projects or interests you might currently have. For example, bloggers can have some of their blogs or articles with different word counts and topics displayed on their sites. Even programmers can benefit by showcasing their skills in Java or Python.

How Can I Make a Portfolio Website?

There are many different platforms where you can build your portfolio, from sites like Dataczar to even purchasing your own URL and building it from scratch. Furthermore, selecting a site you are comfortable with is very important because, with personal portfolios, you will constantly be updating it and adding new projects, jobs, interests, etc.

Why Does a Portfolio Website Benefit Me?

Portfolio websites, as mentioned, can showcase what you have done without having employers just read the two-sentence description on your resume. You include your resume on your portfolio, but add your certifications, diplomas, and courses you may have taken. If you have a Youtube channel where you post videos, you can include that. You can talk about various achievements and awards you may have received and present the projects you have received them for.

Portfolio websites could give you an upper hand when applying for jobs—allowing your future employers to see that you know the skills you list in your resume. It will enable them to get more personal with you instead of having just your resume. This means they take the time to go through each candidate and see who fits their company and criteria.

Overall, making your portfolio website can have many advantages and benefits for yourself as a job applicant. A personal marketing strategy you can use to promote yourself and your hard work, ultimately allowing you to become a more attractive applicant to potential employers. All in all, a great addition to have as opposed to just a simple resume.

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