Why Do Viral Headlines Work?


Titles are the key to article success and the virality of content depends on the first introductory sentence. It's not possible to predict how well a headline will do, but here's how you can increase your chances of an article going viral. 

Specific Products or Focus Group

Many keywords get saturated every time there's an article written about health any another well-loved topic. But if you write about a specific product like "Boba tea" or the "iPhone 13 Pro," your story might perform better. You can also specify groups or locations like hikers or California.


Readers love listicles because they create expectations. Listicles (or list posts) are written in a list-based format and are based on a specific them. People expect to know a certain number of details after reading the content. Listicles also have subheadings that allow viewers to scan the material, as readers enjoy easy-to-read, simple content.


Humans love to feel good and in the know, so they enjoy topics that help them become a better person or a more well-informed citizen. Employees want to get promotions and salary increases, where as students want to achieve higher grades. And people want to know about the latest topical, sport, weather, or entertainment news. Publish articles focused on helping your ideal readers accomplish their goals. People seek out helpful articles and current affairs information, which can cause your blog to go viral.


People get surprised by statistics, numbers and money. If your story addresses a figure, then place it in the headline. Figures stand out in rows of text, pique curiosity, and increase the chances of people clicking on your page.

Well-Known Names

People may not care about some details unless it gets said by a brand, famous person, or expert - as audiences want credibility. If relevant, reference a prominent person, business, or institution in your post.

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