Creative Ways to Increase Your Blog Views


Are you looking for ways to get more traffic on your blog? More loyal readers with increased engagement is the dream. It can also be your reality - in this article, we will discuss ways to increase your blog visibility.


Get more strategic about your headlines. Spend more time thinking about the title of your article. Consider testing numbers, figures and keyword terms. Good headlines grab the attention of readers.

Location and Relevance

If you can be more specific, choose to include local or recent information. People want current and localized knowledge. Someone looking for a restaurant will often specify their location or click the near me option. Huge media publications may not have specific data so be sure to take advantage of long tail, specific and low competition keywords.


You never know which of your stories will go viral, so when you repeat yourself in a new article, embed a link to a similar old post. This way, traffic leads back to your older content. Backlinks also strengthen the SEO rankings of your website blog.

Social Media

Sharing your content on social media is more than posting a link. With Twitter, you can create threads based on your story. Then suggest people learn more by reading the complete article on your site. If you have a blog, set up a Pinterest page for it. Pinterest is a great social media app for bloggers.


You can join platforms like Medium or Vocal to increase the reach of your content. Remember to add a byline at the end that states where the piece was first published.

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