Why Should You Use Images in Your Blog Posts?


It's more rewarding when you include images in your articles - as readers love images. Here are three reasons to consider adding photos to your next post.

Visual Breaks

The first benefit is great for your readers; it's eye relief. Walls of text encourage high bounce rates because the layout is boring. Where as people tend to scroll slower to observe the details of images. So, even though subtitles help, consider adding more pictures if your piece has over 300 words.

Memory Boost

People will remember you stories better when the images used relates well to the text. Photos, along with text, engage more of your reader's senses. Thus, they feel more entertained and will more likely read to the end.

Page Rankings

Yes, pictures improve your website's SEO rankings, especially if they're unique. Photos give you the option to add Alt text, also know as Alternative text. It's a short written description that explains and image when it does not load. Alt text improves your site's accessibility to wider audiences and improves SEO health. If you want to rank higher on search engines, use every SEO optimization tool available to you.

Pro Advice

You can choose any stock image, but please choose the ones that are relevant to the article and are used less often. Two different stories with the same photo tends to confuse readers. They may not know which blog post they read previously and may choose not to read the other post. Thus, this assumption hurts viewership of your website.

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