Writer’s Block: How to Get Your Groove Back


Consistent writing is a good habit, but it can also lead to writer's block. If you're experiencing this, here are a few tips to get your groove back.

Optimize Your Time

Writing is a skill. If you are burned-out or lack creative ideas, watch others master their craft. Scan blogs, listen to podcasts, or read a good book. Seeing writers (or creators in other fields) practice their skills can inspire you to do the same. 

Look Outside Your Niche

Writer's block comes from a lack of ideas. Have fun and listen to the stories of friends and family. Go outside, experience life, and look beyond the people in your industry. If you have nothing new to write, it's a sign that you've stopped taking risks in your life.

Review Your Old Pieces

Is there a chance to create a sequel piece or did a story go viral? Talk about what the success did for you or your career. Sharing a personal experience also helps you get your groove back - it's easy to write and doesn't need any research. Plus, if it's a positive story, it's fun to relive the moment on paper.

Free-Write a Piece

We often suggest writers draft an outline before they write, but this case is unique and you're in a creative rut. So approach this new situation differently and free-write. Pick a topic, write everything you know about it, and keep going. Only stop when tired or out of ideas. This lack of restriction helps you feel free and gets you out of your head.

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