Four Reasons Why Blogs Fail


It's best to treat your blog like a job for the first six months to a year. Many begin with this plan, but soon get discouraged and quit - here is why:

1. Not Satisfied

If one person visits your blog, be happy. If one person reads your article, be grateful. Acknowledge that someone took their time to see the content that you created. Celebrate small and big wins as it helps you feel compelled to keep writing more. Quality and high quantity production lead to further success and traffic.

2. Hoping for Quick Success

Quick virality happens to very few people. Many times, this goal requires sharing unique stories with good headlines. If you are not doing this, virality takes longer to achieve. You can choose inspiration or envy, but envy makes you want to quit before you've even tried for a year. Choose to be inspired and persevere. 

3. No Improvement

Writing every day won't make your quality get better. The best approach is to read the work of other authors - for creating ideas for new titles, learning writing styles, plus learning to express your thoughts with greater clarity. 

4. You Are an Echo

Try giving unusual advice, using fresh examples for run-of-the-mill tips, or offer readers a different perspective. You can be semi-original or 100% original. This strategy helps you stand out and aids people with their problems. While giving advice, be kind as people don't interact with bullies. Mention your bias and weakness to be more authentic with your readers.

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