How to Preserve Your Mental Health During Busy Work Periods


Most of you have been on the brink of burnout. I know that I’ve been, and it hurts. If you didn’t plan for your recovery time, the results that you've achieved will tank and everything's gone in a flash. Let’s prevent this from happening with systems.

Protect Your Alert Hours

The best source of energy is sleep. Optimize your rest cycle: try not to eat after 6 pm., avoid coffee after 3 pm., and head to bed with your device on silent. In the morning, do your most essential activity first. Block this time to protect it from distractions and work on an essential task until it's complete.

Set Aside 30-Minute Chunks

Meetings and emails steal much of your time, but these activities can be beneficial to your mental health. After finishing a tedious task, try to wind down your mind. Do this with less-stressful acts, such as checking your email.

Also, if you have the option, walk outside or around your office, or interact with a colleague. Breaks give your brain time to recover from your last project.

Be Flexible

Pause your usual work habits when under high-pressure situations. Start working either early or late, but never both. Ask or allow yourself to work in a new environment to maintain your focus and creativity. 

Limit Content Consumption

The average worker receives 121 emails. Reading all of these stories drains your precious time and distracts you. Interact less with irrelevant information when your schedule is busy.

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