Fresh Website Design Ideas to Inspire You


Today, we will explore a broader sense of design: we'll look at functionality. Websites can be more than storefronts, so let us look at the other areas you could optimize.


Build your website for content. Search engines love relevant, timely articles with backlinks to trusted sources. If you write short articles, it will take more blog posts to rank. But if you publish articles over 1000 words long, you could rank faster. This approach works long term.

Organize Your Blogs Like a Course

Explore one topic with your writing for the next six months to a year. Each headline will cause people to click to learn more about the topic. This way, readers spend more time on your website, and will continue to interact with your pop-up advertisements or call to action.

Give Before You Sell

Build a free trial into your program. Offer digital samples or the first chapter or week free before asking for a sale. Many fast-growing brands have free and paid packages for users. People will come for free stuff. Then, they will pay for convenience.

Quantity and Quality

A website is a work-in-progress. Changes in the marketing space present chances to update and add new content. Thus, quantity and quality work well together, especially in your early days. The standard of your output improves with more production, and algorithms reward consistent creators.

Finally, Newsletters

Most website hosts offer an e-message plug-in. You can use it to contact subscribers without joining another third-party mailing app.

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