Small Changes for Endless Content Ideas


The primary change is to start thinking that no idea is too simple. You know information that other don't so even a question like, "Why are bananas yellow?" is worth answering. That is - if it's relevant to your brand offer.


Welcome ideas on a daily basis. Have a book where you enter five content ideas, no matter the quality. Over time, this frequency will help you think of good titles with ease.


Jot down ideas before you need them. Have you ever noticed how concepts come to you on walks, in the shower, or while watching television? It's because you're in a calm, meditative state. Read, note sources and relax. Allow your brain to form ideas from your experiences and content consumption.

Opt For Another Project

The subheading seems odd - but let us explain. You stare at the blank page and nothing comes to mind. If such is the case, move on to another task. Be productive with this time doing another activity, so that if an idea does come to you, you will have the time later to pursue the writing task.

Question Everything

Why did an article go viral? What best complements your product or service? How did your client achieve success by working with you? Question everything and share your answers on your website and social media profile.

Open the Floor to Questions

If your audience is kind enough to leave comments, ask them what they want to know. It is okay if your tribe is quiet. Use Quora, public forums, trending topics, or AnswerThePublic. These sources get used by your audience and will provide you with the ideas you need. 

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