Avoid These Cringeworthy Newsletter Mistakes


We all have the freedom of choice and some people may not take the action you want. But if many people choose not to join your newsletter, or opt to unsubscribe, it's time for a change. Let's review some newsletter pitfalls so that you can avoid them.

At Signup: Change Your Focus to Transformations

The aim is to go beyond wanting the customer to act. It shifts to the customer receiving value when they take action. Yes, the features are great, but say how people's lives will improve when they signup. Here are a few examples.

  • Treat your newsletter like a baby. You could give it a name.
  • It's not a newsletter. It's a resource for your audience to gain knowledge or exclusive discounts.
  • It's more than an opportunity to get messages once a week. It's a chance to become a member of a subscriber community.

When Writing: Be a Mentor

Begin with their name - personalization. Walk alongside your community members; guide them to where you are now. Share information that your tribe can apply to their lives.

When Campaigning: Avoid Spamming the Unwilling

Hey, you have the option to let your tribe opt-out of campaigns. People join for the content. Over time, some become buyers of your product or service as well. Keep both customers and e-note lovers happy.

Add an opt-out for your marketing campaigns. So, who then will you remove when cleaning up your list? The answer is people who do not open your e-messages in the past two to six months.

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