4 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your Blog Irresistible


Many successful or viral articles have four common traits. The virality of your post will depend on these qualities as well.

1. An Essential Detail

Your headlines matter. There is no way around it. If your title is intriguing, it will urge people to click. Good headlines are not clickbait if they deliver what got promised earlier.  Tips:

  • Brainstorm your title first.
  • It is okay to adapt headlines known to be successful.

2. Make It Irresistible This Way

Apply a positive tone or human psychology best practices to your headline. Aim to make your readers feel from the heading. You could create a feeling they cannot shake off, like anger, curiosity, or joy.  A tried and proven approach are:

  • numbers
  • famous names
  • power words
  • personal pronouns referring to a case study

3. No Longer Ignore This Tip

Do you know what matters to your audience? What are their recent concerns? Readers will make time for your content if it speaks to their needs and interest.  How you can apply this:

  • Aim to discuss the topic from a perspective most beneficial to your audience.

4. Be Mindful of Your Tone

Be a friend to your audience. Even when you rant or give tough love, remember to be kind. Cushion blows with reminders that you make mistakes or struggle as well. You may earn a regular readership if you inspire people or encourage them. Plus, people sharing your content can help you go viral.

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