4 Types of Visuals to Include in Your Content Marketing Strategy


Have you ever questioned why your site’s visitors are leaving or why you're unable to attract more traffic and produce more sales? If you answered yes, then you should reevaluate your content marketing approach since it indicates that your website isn't motivating users to stay. Visual material is essential for standing out in this digital age. People like to consume information in visual form, whether it's a picture, video, or infographic - as these are enticing.

Here are four types of visuals that you may use in your Content Marketing Strategy.


When you divide your material into paragraphs and include engaging images, readers are more likely to complete the reading. Make use of original and high-quality photographs to bring a personal touch to your material. It is said that material with photos receives 94% more views than content without images.


Videos are also an excellent approach to inform your audience about your products or services and how these items or services can be of great use to them. If you include a video on your landing page, it will undoubtedly enhance conversions since it'll keep the audience on your website.


 As the name implies, infographics are a blend of information and graphics. It is a terrific tool for condensing complicated facts and statistics into an easy-to-understand visual representation for the audience. Just keep in mind that the style and design of the infographic should also be as powerful as possible.


Memes are pieces of media that come with a notion of a catchphrase. Though memes were initially shared as a form of fun among millennials, they are now sweeping over the commercial industry. Netflix, for example, has its own sub-account on social media called ‘Netflix is a joke,’ which is used only for meme marketing. Other well-known firms - such as Disney, Amazon Prime and Durex - are now using memes to communicate with their customers.

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