Best Places to Promote Your Blog Posts


Most bloggers may work day and night to create high-quality material and then sit back and wait for others to read it. Making your content search engine friendly allows people to locate your material naturally, which is a simple approach to gain traffic. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and occasionally - no matter how good your material is - it does not rank better in search engine results. True, there are occasions when our finest stuff is overlooked.

This is another reason why you should constantly, actively market your pieces by sharing them on various social networking sites and saving them on social bookmarking sites.

Your Subscribers

The first thing you should do after publishing is to notify your email subscribers about your new articles, podcasts or videos. These folks have already subscribed to you because they are eagerly awaiting your updates.

Social Networks

You'd be amazed how many bloggers neglect to notify their social network followers of their most recent post. The followers have joined up because they want to be kept up-to-date on your site, so make sure that they can see when you publish new information. Another thing to bear in mind is that manual sharing is more successful on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Your Facebook Profile

When it comes to posting your blog entries on Facebook, I recommend being specific and clear. Share only high-quality content on your Facebook page, and avoid self-promotion until you have a reasonable amount of followers.

Do not participate in continual self-promotion if your personal Facebook page is followed by many of your offline friends and family members who are not part of your blog readership. Your followers may find it inconvenient to receive updates at all hours of the day and night for information that doesn't interest them. Instead, use your brand's Facebook fan page to promote your blog entries actively, and your personal Facebook profile for more textual material.

Interlinking Old Posts

Once you've finished linking to some of your earlier posts in your new article, you should do the opposite and browse through some of your older posts and look for keywords to connect to your new post. These previous pieces have had much more time to accumulate traffic as well as a little "link juice," which may lead viewers to your fresh material.

External Backlinks to Your Post

Despite the fact that it may appear to be a lot of work, you should establish a few connections from other sites that link back to your content. Not only will this bring in more visitors from the other site, but it will also provide your post with the much-needed search engine push that it needs to get started.

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