How to Use YouTube Shorts to Increase Your Channel


YouTube is always adding new options for making and finding Shorts. In addition to the launch of Shorts beta, the platform has modified the appearance of Shorts, how they show in search results, and other features. As a creator, you should be aware of these modifications in order to expand your channel. We’ve seen creators gain more views using Shorts, but the difficult part is maintaining the pace.

With recent modifications, you may need to reconsider how you generate short videos. The most recent Shorts updates show four indisputable truths:

  • Shorts are showing up in search results, therefore you should definitely make them.
  • Subscribers will find you if you focus on creating unique Shorts that go viral.
  • A pinned remark is required for every Short.
  • Musical Shorts may contain trends or dancing challenges, so do your study on themes and songs before pressing record.

Don’t Be Afraid to Post Them

Are you familiar with the Shorts section of the store? For months, this display space for short, vertical videos has existed on the app’s homepage. It’s now showing up on search results pages as well. If you upload Shorts to YouTube, there's a new way for your material to get noticed.

Viewers can discover your Shorts through search results, but not in the typical, topic-based manner. To learn how they look on YouTube, follow these tips:
-Switch to the YouTube Mobile App.
-In the upper right corner of the screen, click the magnifying glass next to your profile symbol.
-In the search field, type a channel name and press the suitable result when it appears.
-Scroll through the first few results – the icon that leads you to the channel, the channel’s recent postings, and regular, horizontal videos – until you find the Shorts beta shelf.

Views Are the Benefit of Creating Shorts, Not Subscribers!

If you’ve had trouble gaining subscribers from Shorts, this might get worse in the future. YouTube changed the structure of the Shorts player, and the subscribe button is now less visible than it used to be. The subscription button was red and higher up on the player in the previous style. The button is now gray and at the bottom of the screen.

At least for shorts, it appears as if YouTube wants to shift the emphasis away from subscribers - we have no idea why. We do know that views, not subscriptions, have always been the most valuable incentive for uploading Shorts. Some producers have millions of followers, but that’s generally because they upload original content that’s difficult to replicate.

Make Use of the Pinned Comments:

Shorts are similar to TikTok in that users watch them rapidly, swipe to the next video, and repeat as they cycle through material. It’s difficult to convince people to slow down, but when they do, offer them something to look at. This is best done in the comments area. Because Shorts are more difficult to obtain subscribers for, make sure each video includes a pinned remark. You may promote extra material, a playlist, a Short that acts as a part two - whatever you want - and encourage people to visit your channel. If they enjoy what they see, they may decide to subscribe.

YouTube is gradually introducing new functionalities. You may not be able to do everything in this post, but it’s good to be prepared. When the tools come in your app, be sure to follow the steps outlined in this blog. Upload your Shorts without reluctance, make them amusing, use pinned comments and do your research.

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