Buy Merchandise With This Image Feature


The "Buy Merchandise With This Image" Feature from Dataczar allows users to customize different products with an image of their choosing. This is a great way to help earn revenue when your users want to show off an image they created or one that has sentimental value. Below are some examples of this feature in action:

  • Turn your favorite pictures into stylized photo gifts with Dataczar's "Buy Merchandise With This Image" Feature.
  • Share with the world what you're passionate about through customized merchandise.
  • Customize products with logos for promotional products and freebies such as water bottles, frisbees, keychains, etc.
  • Add personalized messages onto different products to use as gifts or sell.
  • Dataczar's "Buy Merchandise With This Image" Feature also allows users to get creative with their photos. You have the opportunity to add your image across different products such as calendars, notebooks, and more!

How To Use Dataczar's "Buy Merchandise With This Image" Feature

  1. Beginning at the MAIN MENU go to CONTENT
  2. Click on any image and then select the VIEW button
  3. Click on the BUY MERCHANDISE WITH THIS IMAGE button

From there you will be taken to a page with Products with the image you have selected on it.

Dataczar's "Buy Merchandise With This Image" Feature is a great way to help users personalize products with their own images. It also allows users to generate revenue and promote themselves or their brand. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about this feature or for help with using it!

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