Creating an Internal Newsletter That's Not Boring


Employee loyalty is not something that comes naturally. If the recent record-breaking resignation rates have taught us anything, it's that you must continue to win your workers' interest and commitment. Internal communications, on the other hand, are sometimes an uninspired afterthought in firms, as 34% of corporate newsletters that go unread.

What Matters Most to Employees

We're sorry to break your heart, but your internal newsletter isn't about how amazing your leadership team is. Internal newsletters should strive to be useful, digestible and interesting for your staff. This does not exclude you from including high-level corporate goals or updates, as it's important to keep your staff informed. It does, however, need framing your newsletter's content in such a way that workers understand how it connects to their function.

Watching the Tone

Employees receive an unlimited quantity of stiff, boring business emails throughout a day; don't add another one to the list. This is your chance to brighten their day and plan something enjoyable for them to look forward to. According to Invesp, 47 percent of email users "read email only on the basis of the subject line." Make certain that yours is the one that they want to open! Keep it brief, and stimulate their curiosity with a counter-narrative or a word that conveys urgency (what the cool kids call FOMO). If you truly want to catch your reader's attention, customize the subject line with dynamic content tags, which have been shown to raise open rates by 22%!

Providing Opportunities to Engage

Making your workers a part of the dialogue is the simplest method to get them to read your internal newsletter. Nobody likes a one-sided conversation. When you engage your employees, you will witness an increase in open rates, a better business culture, more effective communication, increased productivity and employee brand amplification.

So, how do you go about making this happen? Include interactive components in your staff newsletter, such as surveys, contests and shareable articles. This might take the form of links to business social media postings, workplace bingo, or a vote to choose what to eat for the next team lunch. The idea is to evoke an emotional reaction from employees by making it enjoyable, thrilling, motivating, powerful or gratifying.

Sharing the Resources

An excellent internal newsletter should be considered an investment in your team. Provide professional growth and personal support resources to your readers to add actual value to their lives. Employees should be able to use the tools to refine their abilities, see a clear route to advancement at your organization, and take care of themselves personally so that they can perform better professionally. This might include emphasizing perks, industry news, forthcoming business events and training, or internal job vacancies. Giving employees something to take away with them creates long-term value that they will return for.

So, now that you've assembled all of the components for a compelling internal newsletter, it's time to wrap it up in a lovely design before delivering it. Enough with the dull corporate emails - it's time to step up your game. That may sound easier said than done, but you don't have to be a skilled designer or devote endless hours to creating an eye-catching newsletter design.

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