Future of Email Marketing and Ways to Increase Engagement


Email is the digital marketing workhorse. While most of marketers like discussing the latest and greatest platform, email marketing has been around since the 1990s. It's acceptable for all audiences, and provides the highest return on investment (ROI) in digital marketing.

It turns out that consumers enjoy email just as much as marketers do. According to a new marketing poll, most customers prefer to receive promotional emails once a week. The great majority (91% of U.S adults) say they enjoy receiving promotional emails from firms with which they do business. 86% of those polled said that they would want monthly emails, while 61% said that they would like them at least weekly. 

We’re all ears when customers are this engaged with a digital marketing channel, and you probably should be too. Email may not be the most visually appealing digital marketing means, but it is unquestionably the most likely to succeed. So, what is the future of email, and how can marketers innovate with this time-rested channel?

Email marketing - in its next stage - will become the connecting tissue of the customer experience (in our opinion). As the distinctions between sales, service and marketing become increasingly blurred, it is evident that the customer journey is the future of all marketing. Customers want a consistent and customized experience from the companies and brands with which they do business at all times. As marketers, our goal is to understand consumers on a one-on-one basis, to understand their unique journeys, and then to impact those journeys at scale in order to accomplish desired business objectives.

Emails Effectively Expand Social Audiences

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are effective tools for connecting with current audiences and gaining new ones through innovative and helpful content. However, we have seen that combining email with social media is a new holy grail.

Email Serves as an Ideal Plate for Data Testing

In the previous couple of years, almost 90% of the world’s data has been generated. The contemporary marketer’s job is to figure out what to do with data, but ultimately it isn’t your consumer’s concern. Consumers simply want a better, more enjoyable experience with the firms with whom they identify and do business. Enter email, which allows marketers to test interactions in order to enhance the customer journey from the first click.

Email and Predictive Marketing Work Together to Generate Significant New Income

In a congested digital marketplace, marketers must give what customers ask for. This is what predictive marketing is for. It's a technique that helps marketers to target customers based on their online actions, sending increasingly relevant messages over time.

Tips to Increase Your Engagement

-You Need to Segment Your Lists: The first step is to determine who you should be speaking with and why. What is the significance of this? For starters, people’s inboxes are clogged with commercial emails. If you continue to provide messages that do not excite their attention, they will simply tune out.

-Activate Your Messaging: Rather than sending emails to broad, disorganized lists of contacts, you should interact strategically. Launching an active and triggered messaging program employing cutting-edge email marketing software might be beneficial. It enables you to contact consumers and prospects based on their actions or circumstances.

-Make Use of Your Data: Data is a priceless commodity in modern marketing. While most marketers know this, far too few treat it as the priceless money that it is. Instead, they handle these priceless gold nuggets as if they were knickknacks on a dusty old shelf.

Implementing these three principles will help you improve your email game. This will result in:
-Building trust between you and your consumers by not bombarding them with emails at all hours of the day.
-Demonstrating that you understand their demands by delivering them only relevant information.
-Demonstrating that you're paying attention to them—because you're delivering value rather than just attempting to sell them something.

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