5 Best Web Design Predictions


Predictions have a tendency to become self-fulfilling. Therefore, we're focusing on five trends that we feel are either beneficial or (at the very least) innocuous. Of course, there are no certainties, but if these events occur we will be well prepared for 2023.

The Upcoming Blockchain

Blockchains are the foundation of the cryptocurrency business. In layman’s words, they’re a collection of data that may be added to but not modified or destroyed. Consider it as data version control. As with other technologies, the first wave was designed to make a quick profit. The most interesting aspect, although, is blockchain technology itself, as well as the transformational character of the approach.

Positivity & Optimism

Even before world events devolved into a never-ending barrage of bad news, the moment had come for dreary, corporate, geometric sans-serif design. We included gradients, personality and comedy. And according to conventional business reasoning, we continue making money. Designers and developers have made enormous efforts in recent years to study, test and support accessibility. As a result, inclusive design is no longer relying on the lowest common denominator.

The Importance of Green Color

Green has the same visual weight as blue, yet it’s far more adaptable and has been grossly neglected in digital design to this day. Green has a strong cultural connection to environment. At a time when internet businesses are keen to highlight their ethical credentials, marketing firms will certainly start recommending a brand color change to green as a fast cure for all those spilled chemicals, strip mines and plastic-filled seats.

If you’re searching for a hue to capture the moment in 2022, look up for green.

The Power of Text

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, although we’re not sure that anyone has ever tried to quantify this. The issue is that websites are increasingly reliant on stock imagery, so the 1000 words we receive may or may not adequately portray the entirety of our message.

A few well-chosen words will be worth more than a picture in 2022, with great visuals giving way to great text. This is supported by a number of smaller trends. The most significant of which is businesses’ willingness to explore beyond geometric sans-serif type and toward a more expressive style of typography.

Making Some Noise

One of the most surprising outcomes of the last few years has been a revitalized relationship with nature. Nature’s seamless intricacy is eternally captivating. Gradients have already gained popularity, there are no flat colors in nature, and the next obvious step is the inclusion of noise.

Noise, in visual terms, is the gritty texture that sits so well in vector images. For years, noise has been in and out of fashion, limited a little by the increase in file size it causes. Noise, on the other hand, is now viable on production sites because to the WebP and Avif file formats. When designing in 2022, when in doubt, make some noise.

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