How to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach


The amount of unique individuals that view your Facebook Page posts in News Feed or on your Page - without being prompted by an ad - is referred to as organic reach. Many marketers feel that the days of organic Facebook reach are a thing of the past, due to the ever-changing Facebook News Feed algorithm. However, while it may be more difficult for your content to do well organically, it is far from impossible.

There are several sorts of Reach data on Facebook, which may be perplexing at first. When viewing Facebook Insights (unless you download data to dive in further) and understanding these Facebook hacks and methods, you’ll see Post Reach metrics that contain organic and sponsored data, as well as Total Reach Statistics. Organic Reach data is included in both.

Using Facebook Videos

If you want to increase your organic reach, you should start leveraging one of the most appealing and easy-to-consume content types — video. Why? Native Facebook videos outperform status updates, links, and even photographs in terms of organic reach.

So how can you maximize the format's potential? Create Facebook content that increases engagement, such as being emotionally charged, demonstrating empathy for your audience's needs, and giving answers to their issues. The key here is to engage viewers by giving the most important, captivating information in the first 3-5 seconds of the video.

Try Going Live

You may also utilize another video format – Live – to increase your organic reach on Facebook. Live video has nearly twice the engagement of ordinary video posts, according to Socialbakers research. Live videos have the ability to start a lot of conversations. People like watching and participating with current events videos. It's also critical to understand the major distinctions between Facebook Live and pre-recorded videos.

Mixing Up the Post Formats

Even though video might increase your organic reach on Facebook, it shouldn't be your primary content type on the network! Changing up your post types is vital for keeping your feed interesting and your audience engaged. Remember, the more fascinating and diversified your material, the more likely your followers will share it (increasing your organic reach).

Make Sure the Publishing Time is Fine-tuned

It is critical to get your publication time perfect if you want to increase your organic Facebook reach. This is due to the fact that posting when your target viewers are online boosts the exposure and organic reach of your content. Knowing when to post on Facebook at the ideal times can offer you an advantage. Examining your performance statistics and seeing a trend of higher interactions is one technique to determine the best posting time for your company.

Get Rid of the Clickbaits

Although utilizing clickbaits may be appealing, you should avoid them at all costs! Clickbait will not help you gain greater Facebook organic reach. In fact, it will do the reverse and cause your posts to be degraded. Facebook places a high value on post quality. This implies that if you post low-quality material or suspicious connections, you will almost certainly attract the platform's attention, and not in a positive way. As a result, if you develop and upload material, avoid unethical techniques like employing clickbaits; it's just not worth the risk.

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