Instagram Marketing Trends to Know in 2022


You've come to the perfect spot if you want to get the most out of your Instagram marketing plan in 2022. We'll discuss the top Instagram marketing trends to look out for in 2022, so you can get more followers, boost engagement, and generate more cash from the platform.

Instagram Link Stickers Will Become More Popular

Link Stickers are the most recent interactive stickers that you may use in your Stories. Link Stickers, like other Instagram stickers, have a constant appearance – a rectangular block with the URL on a white backdrop. When users tap on the sticker, Instagram takes them to the specified web page. Although Instagram initially restricted Link stickers to accounts with more than 10,000 followers, it became available to all users in late October 2021.

More Twitter Card Previews on Instagram Will Be Used by Marketers

Twitter may not have the reach and popularity that it once had, but it's still a popular tool among marketers. With post previews, Instagram has made it easy (once again) to promote your Instagram posts on Twitter. If you've been using Instagram and Twitter for a while, this may feel familiar. Using Twitter cards on Instagram had been available from the app's inception; however when Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, the feature was discontinued.

The Stories Are Becoming Longer

Instagram is exploring 60-second Stories as the year 2021 comes to a close. Previously, larger movies in Stories were broken up into 15-second parts. In addition, you may now add music and effects to an entire movie, rather than just overlaying the 15-second parts. This allows viewers of your Stories to watch them with fewer interruptions. It also provides fresh options for you to develop content that communicates your narrative and piques your target audience's interest.

The Merge of Video Formats

Instagram has already unified IGTV and Feed Videos, but we're betting on a more simplified Instagram video offering in 2022. With feed videos, Reels, and Instagram Stories all still in play, it’s quite probable that Instagram will adopt a more uniform strategy.

Indeed, Instagram is experimenting a vertical Instagram Stories feed that may look similar to Reels. Obviously this is a new format that is still in testing mode, but it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to have a single feed that combines feed videos, Reels, and Stories.

The Ascension of Brand Personalities

Gone are the days when Instagram was just used to share visually appealing photos. The app is now home to something even more powerful: community and discourse. That's correct, Instagram is reintroducing the term "social media." So, what does this imply for companies and content creators? In a nutshell, it says it's time to show your personality.

Showing up on Instagram Stories, adding your voice to Instagram captions, or being creative on camera for Instagram Reels are all examples of how you may do so. Each week, a member of our team goes on Instagram Stories to highlight some essential takeaways from a current social media issue. It's laid-back, talkative and full of character.

Developing a strong brand presence on Instagram is a critical component of any effective social media marketing plan. It is consistently proving to be the platform for influencers, giving tools and even courses to assist companies in reaching and engaging with followers. As Instagram evolves, they continue to introduce functionality and features that make it simpler to retain users. Influencers and companies with a following on the platform will find it increasingly necessary to focus their efforts here.

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