How to Overcome Email Marketing Challenges


Most Organizations regarded their email marketing strategies as “successful, yet difficult and challenging." Engagement, personalization, communication, client retention and brand recognition are just a few of today’s issues. It might be one, several or all of them for you.

Whatever the case may be, your problem is legitimate. In order to conquer it, you must become familiar with the available technologies, tools, and your client’s shifting preferences. However, the advantages of email marketing are well worth the effort.

Declining Deliverability Rates

The fundamental challenge with deliverability is gathering proper information for each contact and keeping track of it. Emails sent in email marketing campaigns, whether automated or manually, may not always be delivered to the intended subscribers or readers.

    • Maintain your email list on a regular basis: You may check the metrics created by audience information in marketing software (such as CRM via Salesforce) to refresh inactive contacts and keep the list up to date. Alternatively, you may employ a marketing cloud professional to assist you in managing the contact list.
    • Permit contacts to update their information. Giving your customers the ability to alter their information (email address, phone number, etc.) will make it easier to maintain your records.

Low CTRs (Click Through Rates)

The greatest option is to create unique CTAs. Are you putting several CTAs on your internet page or using dull CTA wording in your email templates? Send an email to people who have abandoned their shopping carts but have not yet reached the payment gateway. Create out-of-the-box CTAs and inventive approaches to entice your audience to make a purchase. You might rely on CTAs to drive traffic to your website and increase visitor and interaction rates. Remember that the purpose of CTAs is to direct your viewers to your website or the desired landing page.

Increasing The Brand Awareness

Create shareable infographics (data visualizations like pie charts and bar graphs) as shares are crucial for reaching new audiences on social media. Also, improve your SEO with user related keywords. Search engine optimization is simple to implement and it's vital that you're increasing your brand's awareness. It ultimately involves getting seen by search engines and being placed on search results pages.

Bad And Inappropriate Mobile Optimization

To address this issue, you must deliver a consistent mobile experience. This includes responsive email designs, optimized pictures and videos, and functional links. Other suggestions include:

    • Keeping your content brief and to the point.
    • Creating enticing CTAs.
    • Using an attractive pre-header and topic content. Keeping pre-header and preview text to a maximum of 40 characters.
    • Testing your emails on mobile devices and desktop computers.

The Retention Of Customers

To combat client retention and discover a solution to improve customer experience, you must plan your email content such that it corresponds to buyer personas. You must seek a top marketing cloud expert to connect your content with your audience persona. They will give you email segmentation based on your desired audience's activity and interests. Furthermore, they can assist you in creating content, maintaining email lists, as well as using automation and cloud services to help you improve your email marketing efforts.

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