7 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your SEO Results


Are you unsure how your social media presence might help you rank higher in search engines? In the realm of SEO (search engine optimization) content reigns supreme, and the material you upload on your social media accounts may have an influence on your SEO. To be clear, the magnitude of the influence has long been contested, but most can agree that it at least has an indirect impact.

The following are seven ways in which social media might (indirectly) affect your SEO:

1. Search Engines Rank Social Media Profiles

To begin, social media profiles are not limited to the platforms on which they exist. They can be found in branded search results and they are frequently apparent (i.e. high up in the list and usually on the first page). You should take advantage of this increased search engine exposure by developing (if you haven't already) and optimizing your social media profiles in every manner feasible.

2. Driving Traffic Through Social Media Posts

With website traffic being a crucial search engine ranking component, you'll want to increase it in any manner you can. One apparent way is to use social media posts. When a large number of individuals share your content (directly from your website) or posts (directly on the social media platform itself) with their own networks of friends and followers, your rankings may improve.

3. Using Social Media Platforms as Search Engines

The search feature on many social media sites is significantly more powerful than we know. It also functions as a useful search engine, allowing users to find your profile, page, content, or even events (depending on the platform). To increase your exposure in these searches, make sure you optimize your social media accounts and content with relevant keywords.

4. Local SEO is Affected by Social Media

Your company's name, address and phone number are already crucial in local search rankings. If this important information is consistent throughout your social media platforms, Google will deem your business as more reliable. Your local search rankings will automatically improve as a result of this reputation. Furthermore, social media evaluations might assist you in attracting local potential clients. Approximately 86% of people read reviews about local companies.

5. The YouTube Effect

Because YouTube videos score high in search engine results, they deserve special attention. The more popular and relevant your YouTube videos are to a Google search query, the higher they are likely to rank. Part of this is attributed to Google’s ownership of YouTube. And YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.

6. What Google Says Now Versus What Could Happen Later

Over the years, there has been a debate on whether Google explicitly utilizes social signals for search rankings. However, just because Google says that social networking has no direct impact on your SEO, this does not rule out the possibility that this may be different in the future.

The notion here is that your best practices should always be in place. It's impossible to predict how search engine algorithms will evolve in the future. Meanwhile, your efforts constitute a rising tide that will help your company in both direct and indirect ways.

7. SEO Is Not Just Google

While Google claims that social signals aren't included in its search algorithm, some search engines (such as Bing) do. Despite the fact that Google handles the vast majority of queries, Bing has a sizable proportion. Keep in mind that good SEO affects your position on several search engines, not just on Google.

Wrapping it up

A long-term social media plan allows you to boost your SEO and rank better in search results. While there are several methods to improve your SEO, the seven social media guidelines listed above will get you started.

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