Blog Posting Ideas for 2022


How many times have you found yourself running out of blog ideas? Our guess is that it happens pretty frequently. We’ve all been there, and figuring out how to get out of this slump can be difficult. You want to maintain a consistent, month-to-month, blogging frequency, and you want to maintain your blog's fresh and relevant content in order to keep your audience interested. 

However, you're consistently creating blog after blog until you reach a point of no return, and you're now at a loss on what to do next. You attempt to rush through certain postings, but you are unable to captivate your readers with banal themes. You know that it’s time to re-evaluate and re-think things, but if only you had the energy!

Here’s some inspiration to get you going:

1. Interesting Round-up Posts

A blog post round-up is similar to an interview post. However, instead of a single personality, you obtain sharp insights from a group of specialists. These posts are frequently more interesting than the latter.

There are several reasons to appreciate exclusive round-up postings. If the issue is very topical and resonates with your audience, it will generate a lot of interest. You must be particular about the topic you choose for your round-up post:

  • An issue that connects with a sizable portion of your audience
  • A topic that is currently trending, and readers are interested in learning the perspectives of many specialists
  • A niche-specific topic in your sector or a popular search term among your readers
  • A topic that your readers have requested you write about in comments or direct messages

2. Results of a Survey:

Businesses construct smart survey posts to indirectly advertise their products or services (and it's safe to say that it works very well). Positive survey findings for any product or service are powerful forms of social proof. Plus, readers are eager to discover the results of a survey. Your survey postings might elicit a sense of participation from your readers. They can also compare their views to those of the people polled.

You may post brief survey forms on your website to include your audience. The results of your survey may then be simply converted into a blog post. To generate a more informative picture, use intriguing raw data, graphs, charts, and tables. Opinions from other thought leaders in your field may also be included in your surveys. The more informative and exclusive your survey is, the more people will respond to it.

3. "Versus" Content:

The ‘versus’ or comparative information is usually effective. You’ve most likely tried it before, and it merits a spot on your 2022 content schedule. You may be familiar with the popular comparison website. Comparison or ‘Versus’ searches account for a sizable portion of Google’s top inquiries.

Google Shopping is a great example of a price comparison website. Google Shopping Advertisements is fast expanding, accounting for 76.4 percent of retail search ads. Make extensive and informative comparative blogs to assist your viewers in making smarter decisions. Honest comparison pieces generate high engagement and repeat visitors.

4. Personal Narratives That Are Raw and Real:

So you’ve been writing fantastic blog entries for a long time now, and you’ve been effective in attracting a large audience. It's now time to give your blog page a more personal touch: you must begin by connecting the dots between your experience and the interests of your audience.

An article like "How I went from a few monthly visitors to a million readers on my site" might generate a lot of interest. You may share your personal experience, obstacles, breakthroughs, shortcuts and recommendations here. Use the content provided in this article to help develop high-quality blog entries for your audience, and to make them more interesting.

 All of your hard work in writing that blog article deserves some acknowledgment as well. And what better way to advertise it than through social media? After you’ve published your blogs, be sure to promote them on your social media profiles. You may do this by using Social Media scheduling and marketing tools to make the perfect timing for your posts.

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