Spotlight On: Pastelito's Cuban Bakery


For this Business Spotlight, we catch up with Lyana of Pastelito's Cuban Bakery.

What does your business offer?
We offer Cuban Cuisine, Pastries, Bakes and treats.

How does your business use Dataczar?
We use Dataczar for our website. This allows customers to view our products and gives them our contact information for placing orders.

What inspired you to start your business?
Due to the COVID-19 economic crisis in March, 2020 we had to close our restaurant. As a small business we were only open nearly a year. We have 5 beautiful boys and a grandson and had to push hard to get back on our feet.  Then one day, to be honest, I was very depressed and one of my dear friends Lana suggested for me to get out of bed and try to keep my mind busy - because I had too much to fight for!

The next day my 14 year old came to my room and asked me to please make a desert recipe he saw online. He was craving for some Pastelito's...And I did! It took some good time to get it to perfection but we did it!!!

Today we are very proud to tell our history. We borrowed $350 from one of our dear friends Robert and stared this business from scratch. We grew, working hard with lots of dedication, love and passion. Today, after 4 months, we cater for one of the largest resorts in the Pigeon Forge area and have an AMAZING opportunity ahead of us with them, projected for next spring 2022. I can't wait!

Always are so grateful to our family and friends who have helped us, supported us and believed in us once again. Thank you so much. Many blessings to all.

What is your business' biggest win? 
We are the first Cuban Bakery in Knoxville, and successfully Catering service.

What was your business' biggest challenge?
To keep growing.

Tell us something interesting/fun about your business.
Working and living with your husband for 20 years can be really interesting and FUN! LOL

What’s the most popular service that you offer?
Cuban Puff Pastry/Pastelitos Cubanos.

Anything else you would like to share about your business?
Always be kind, work hard, be humble, and believe!