The 5 Pieces of Content to Update Often


Without fail, experts will say "it depends," but today the Dataczar team will give you concrete answers. Plus, we'll share the best times to update your business content.

1. Web copy

Every year you and your business evolve. To reflect these changes, refresh your web copy once per year. Have what you do, who you help, and how you’ve helped them changed? It's very likely that they have but most of the time there isn't a need for a grand overhaul. Simply change where needed to keep your copy accurate. In addition, aim to update your landing pages every three months. New SEO terms and relevant, everyday language may shorten sales drought periods.

2. Social media

Social media posts can go stale very quickly. Most posts have an expiration date of two weeks, so try to update your social accounts often. Website visitors usually head over to your social profiles next.

3. Company information

People will always ask questions, as it's easier to shoot a quick message than to visit your website. But for the people who do visit, ensure that the information is available. If you get one question every time that you open your inbox, then answer it on your website. Quickly updating your website reduces abandoned carts and lost sales.

4. E-books & white paper

It's your choice: white paper and book republishing are up to you. Depending on the industry, older books become obsolete so be mindful of this fact.

5. Product description

Your product descriptions need regular updates. Sales tend to rise and fall, so keeping your descriptions up-to-date is important.

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