How to Prepare for Social Media Virality


Virality is a possibility when you post online - whether you want it or not. You never know, so it's best to prepare. 

Here's how you can prepare for the moment you go viral.

1. Patience, patience

Like ice cream melting on a chilly day, it takes a while to make viral content. Your first few social media posts are a trial run. The videos that you think will do well, often flop; and the ones that you least expect to gain traction end up surprising you.

After you have more Reels and TikToks with over 500 views, you'll notice trends and it starts feeling more fun.

2. Call-to-action endings

Practice closing with one ask (an outright ask prompts people to act). When your content goes viral, you want to make the most of this high traffic and exposure. CTAs help you optimize post engagement.

3. Use upcoming trends

Trending audio, dances, and prompts help your Reels and TikToks to blow up. Try to find trending content that isn't yet trending. It could be a relatable voice-over, or a video with a high view rate but no similar posts.

4. Be relatable

Following trends gets you lots of views, but being relatable and showing your personality will cause people to follow you.

What to do after you go viral? Keep posting and do it as often as you can. Each time you post, you have another chance to go viral again because your last post is already a hit.

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