5 Marketing Strategies That Are on the Rise


1. Simplicity

The best copy is silly and simple. We're sorry but think of a jiggle, that no matter what, you can't forget. The "baby shark" song is unforgettable and at most, has nine words. Simple is memorable, so avoid jargon. Be sure to use everyday language in your marketing copy.

2. Social Proof

8 in 10 people read reviews before they buy. Of those eight people, seven trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Without testimonials, endorsements, or awards, you're losing sales. Even Hootsuite, a popular social media management tool, has a list of awards on its home page.

3. Relationships first

People are emotional. Based on this logic, cold audiences don't buy or subscribe. For example, you wouldn't call your friend and begin by asking for a favor. Nope, you'd say hey, or you would inquire about their personal life, and then you'd ask. Be sure to approach customers in a similar manner.

4. Loss aversion

Loss aversion example: Geico saves you thousands on car insurance. The benefit example is: Geico has the lowest insurance rate in the country. Why do most companies use loss aversion marketing? Because it's a psychological principle: people don't like losing. The result is that customers go with the business that helps them protect what they already own.

5. Singular focus

Let's examine McDonald's advertisements. They promote one or two burgers in the media, yet the billboard in the store lists over twenty order options. McDonald's marketing strategy is a good one to follow - promote one product per landing page or sales copy.

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