Persistence: The Key to Success


Courageous perseverance is the one attribute that may assure success more than any other, and isn’t it true that we all desire to be successful? However, success necessitates persistence. You must really have this quality if you want to drop a few pounds, obtain an A in your class, or achieve any other goal in life. It is the difference between a successful outcome and one that fails as a result of giving up.

In the appropriate situation, persistence is one of the finest skills you can have. Perseverance is typically a positive attribute to have, as long as you’re not so tenacious with anything that it endangers your or others’ health, well-being or pleasure. It's also worth noting that perseverance may be a symptom of desperation or delusion, and comes with a connotation. If you’re tenacious in your pursuit of anything that negatively influences your or someone else’s life, you’re definitely being too tenacious.

So, on a very fundamental level, tenacity is vital in everyday life because, otherwise, we’d all fall into the conclusion that there’s nothing to look forward to or to live for.

According to Napoleon Hill in his famous book "Think and Grow Rich", being obstinate and tenacious (in a positive sense), or just being ready to get back up and go again, may help you solve your own and possibly others’ difficulties in life. This, presumably, leads to a better quality of life - whether on an individual or societal level.

Success (whatever it entails for you) is, of course, the most evident advantage of persistence. This might include happiness, making others happy, learning lessons, self-improvement, problem resolution, improved health, or increased money (among other things).

It’s almost impossible to determine if a person is born with perseverance or whether it’s a learned behavior based on experiences. But it seems quite evident that if you’re truly interested in something or desire it badly enough, you’re more likely to be very tenacious and relentless in your pursuit of it.

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