3 Practical Skills Entrepreneurs Need in 2022


Do you ever realize that senior entrepreneurs tend to sell way more than new business owners? Well, they do. Nick Wolny launches a new product for his email tribe every month. First-year freelancers, for instance, feel icky (or neglect) talking about their products and services. But successful businesses need sales.

Today, we'll discuss three practical sales skills to grow your business in 2022


It's not enough to have your pictures tell a thousand words. The market is very congested and good communication gets you recognition and sales. Communication separates experienced business owners from newcomers. That's because they are not afraid to ask people to buy their goods and services. Storytelling is an undervalued skill that helps you get ahead.

A/B Testing

Experimentation helps with advertising. A/B testing allows tiny improvements, which amount to significant growth over time. If you analyze different content, you'll quickly see what performs better for your business. Knowledge is transferable: knowing what works means you can establish yourself in a new industry faster.


There are plenty of places to collect data. The best way to assess this information is as a whole. That way, you notice trends and achieve more with less effort.

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