Lazy Tactics to Optimize Your Content Output


Owning a business is a daily reality for many people. Content creation helped to make it happen. One needs a strategy and discipline to produce content and to keep entrepreneurship sustainable. Here are three tips to optimize your resource output.

1. Welcome topic suggestions

Practice social listening. When readers ask a question, produce content to address their pain points. When in a content rut, read your comments or check feedback in public forums. Comment questions and popular searches are excellent idea bins. Plus, your content may get more engagement since the information is in demand.

2. Update your idea book

Inspiration strikes all of the time. When you have an idea, jot it down. If you read an interesting point in an article, make a note of it. If the idea occurs in the shower, repeat it until you can get it on paper. Create the list of ideas on your phone, and then organize them on paper or in a word document. Organized categories are easier to search through while you are creating.

3. Time your process

Stop fear and perfectionism from making a task take several hours. Time your tasks: set a timer and end the project when you hear the sound. Use the following 5-15 minutes to check for errors. As someone who makes content, this approach holds you accountable to your schedule. Remember, work fills up the time you make available. So, budget the hours you assign to content creation tasks for greater productivity.

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