Secrets About Buying Domain Names


Everyone and their brand are looking to diversify their income these days. Buying domain names is a good side hustle because it isn't very well known; the process is a big secret. Today we're going to share five of the best ones.

1. Know the different owner types

Cybersquatters are people who violate trademarks. They also buy typo brand names to damage or extort businesses. On the other hand, domainers (or domain Investors) don't break the law, they are usually reasonable people who own and sell domains.

2. Determine the domain owner

Millions of websites can show you who owns a domain name. One of the most trusted is The WHOIS information will tell you the owner category. The three main categories are individual, domain investor, and company.

3. Do your research

Check if your desired domain is ready for sale through,, and These are primary sites for listing domains for sale.
If the domain isn't on those sites, visit the webpage in your browser.
When it is blank or has a text-link ad, the page is inactive. If you see a blog or company website, dig further; check if the copyright mark and term of service are current.

4. Set realistic expectations,, and are databases that share past sales details. This information can help you prepare to negotiate.

5. Reach out to the owner

When you locate the owner's name, contact details are usually also present. Send an email to the owner. Express your interest in buying the domain and ask to know the price they have in mind. Follow up with sales prices of similar names to get a fair price. When the person will not negotiate, begin the process again.

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