Simple Principles to Improve Your Website Design


It's easy to appreciate good design, but understanding why you love it is helpful when creating your website. Together we will go through five simple, no-skill tricks to improve your web design.

1. Use font size guidelines

You lose time and visitors when you experiment with font sizes and hard-to-read fonts. Use the ones suggested in templates or the default typography sizes. These guides help you choose to present your text in readable typefaces.

2. Choose pastel colors

Bright colors create aggressive designs; the loud hue combinations are awful and harsh on the viewer's eyes. Try hues from the darker, muted areas of your color picker. Pastel is also very popular and will make your website look more modern.

3. Include white space

A lot of white space looks better than a clustered design. Refine text walls into small paragraphs and catchphrases. Let the images and text breathe by keeping background space visible. Finally, use striking photos with one element of focus.

4. Add subtle noise

Add subtle noise when calm colors don't match your colorful personality. Noise is a textured background - for example, a marble tile. Using Z-index in CSS, you can then lay a transparent image above the patterned backdrop. When layering images, ensure there is a solid color background to add depth to your graphics.

5. Black and white

When overwhelmed, choose black and white. A simple, crisp layout is more attractive than poor images and loud colors. If you're having difficulty with white space ratios, begin with a black and white background.

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