The Best Pieces of Blog Writing Advice


We'll start with the worst advice first: "If you want to become a creator, you need to create more." Quantity is not the only strategy for getting better at your craft, so we've compiled a list of the best writing tips that don't include writing more.

  • Edit your writing

Write and let your piece sit for a few hours or days. Then go back and read your writing aloud. Read the material like you're reviewing the work of a stranger from a reader's point of view.

  • Welcome feedback

Join a mentorship program and submit your work to editors who often do edits. Impartial third-party feedback can help you gain suggestions for improvement.

  • Pay attention to feedback from readers

Comments and emails from readers are crucial to know how your content impacts people. If you are still sensitive about your writing, focus on topic queries and suggestions. Feedback about formatting, style, voice and structure are also helpful.

  • Check your analytics

Knowing how your pieces perform will help you to improve. Data teaches you what is and isn't working with your headlines, SEO and more. Use your insights to determine audience interest for more high-performing posts.

  • Think of published work as an experiment

Every piece of writing is an opportunity to get feedback and connect with readers. Learn from your statistics and comments to improve each time.

  • Best Tip of All

Make your future work reflect the tips, suggestions and advice that you receive. Use the feedback to ensure that your work keeps getting better.

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