A Quick Guide to More Blog Visibility


Wherever you blog or vlog, you want more eyes on your posts. Producing consistent content is only part of the process to generate visibility. Here are five ways to drive traffic after you hit publish.

1. Share on Twitter

When you post a new blog, pin the web link to the top of your profile so it's the first thing followers see when they visit. If you are not on Twitter, update your bio link on your social media pages.

2. Create a Pinterest Page

Pinterest is a very viable search engine. In July 2021, the platform had 454 million monthly active users worldwide. Unlike other platforms, you can post 15 to 30 posts each day to attract new readers to your blog site. Pinterest posts are relevant for over three months, plus group boards exist to find your community.

3. Reshare on Popular Blog Platforms

You can also republish your blog post on Medium. Medium and Quora are sites where millions of people are already reading stories. Make sure to include a link back to your website to lead community members back to your webpage.

4. Grow your Email List

Choose to build an email list and work to keep your open rates high. Emails have fewer distractions, which encourages readers to make it over to your website.

5. Run an Ad

Consider advertisements if your post contains affiliate links or promotes your products.

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