Tips to Jazz Up Your Newsletter


Most people never sign up for newsletters and when they do, some people never open the emails. Whether you have a few subscribers or low open rates, it is not you - it's your marketing. Stop boring your audience, and jazz up your newsletter with these tips.

  • Enticing Name

Stop referring to your email series as a newsletter. People associate newsletters with the word "boring." Tell people you will send them marketing tips, love letters, or weekly roundups. Most inboxes are overflowing so people want to sign up for emails which sound interesting and worth reading.

  • Declare your delivery frequency

Don't only say, "I won't spam your inbox." Be more specific and let people know when to expect your virtual wise words.

  • Give subscribers a nickname

Nicki Minaj fans are The Barbz. Fans of Beyonce are the Bey Hive. Referring to members as subscribers is also unimaginative. Call subscribers some other term like your tribe, community, online family or gang.

  • Show up and, when necessary, apologize

When you show up as promised, people begin looking forward to your emails. We are busy people and life happens. If you can't send out your regular email, apologize in the following one. The same applies to dead links and other errors. People who often open your weekly roundups will appreciate this note.

  • Make the content fun or personal

Start with an irresistible headline. Next, use GIFs or stories in the text to make your point more engaging. Personality deepens the connection with your tribe. Revealing details makes readers feel more like family.

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