Blog Benefits That Have Nothing to Do With SEO


Dataczar customers often message, asking us if they should start a blog. Our answer, every time, is a resounding yes.

It is hard, but not impossible, to monetize your blog from the first day. If you are waiting on the money to come in, here are four reasons to keep your blog active.

1. It makes you confident.

Your writing may not be making you money but it is worth the confidence boost. Many people create social media content with no clue of their target audience, niche, and more.
The confidence gained from blogging will help you deal with rejection and will teach you how to better approach content creation for other platforms.

2. People will marvel at your consistency.

When you don't have reviews, build trust with a proven track record of doing a project well. Customers who trust you are more likely to buy your products.

3. It gives you endless content ideas.

As you write to keep your blog active, you develop in-depth knowledge of your niche. To ensure your facts are correct, you stop looking for quick solutions and focus instead on credible sources and research papers. These studies give you countless ideas for topics, plus it positions you as a trusted resource months later.

4. It makes you value your time.

Writing one or more blog posts every week helps you develop time management skills. Sometimes, we are very busy but productivity requires us to stop with the excuses. Learning to pace yourself, by writing, will teach you to manage your time better in other areas.

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