How to Reach Your First Subscriber Milestone


A newsletter is one of the most persuasive resources to own as a business owner. Also, before you make your newsletter available to audiences, gain clarity on its purpose.

  • Choose a topic or general theme
  • Decide on your target audience
  • Pick an enticing name and layout format

With these details in mind, let's look at how you can reach your first subscriber milestone.

Invite friends

Your first subscribers are always the people you know. These people often won't qualify as your ideal audience, but this helps you move away from zero.

Mention it on social media

Announce the launch of your newsletter on your social media profile. Fans that connect with your journey may also join this extension of your community.

Create a free checklist or book

A free resource is a great idea to increase your subscriber numbers. It immediately makes the task of signing up more attractive to potential members.

Make signing up a regular call-to-action

Create some helpful blog, vlog, or social media content, then tell people that they can get more in their email. If your readers like the material you're already publishing, they will subscribe.

Offer an email course

Create an email series for delivery to new subscribers for a few days. This lead magnet works much like a free book or checklist. The consistent nature warms readers up so that they look forward to seeing emails from you.

Tip: Monetize at anytime

There is no magic subscriber number for achieving sales. Declare and include your products or affiliate links where relevant in your emails.

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