3 Secrets to Feeling Confident in Your Business


Tons of traditional sayings speak of doom and gloom for small businesses, so today we'll change the narrative. Let's remember these three nuggets of wisdom instead:

1. Opportunities come more than once.

Teachers and coaches often tell us to make the most of our opportunities. They often say to seize every chance because they may only come around once.  On the other hand, if you're good at what you do and serve your audience, opportunities occur many times. If you say no to a potential client, another client will approach you. There will be second chances.

When you think of the world as limitless, you open your mind to exploring alternatives. Every opportunity isn't your last one; more are on the horizon.

2. It's okay to go slow.

Time isn't running away from you. If you feel this way, then it's a sign of poor time management. Try splitting tasks into manageable parts instead of waiting until the eleventh hour. If procrastination gets you going, by all means, think of time with a sense of urgency. But when this concept of urgency stresses you, consider pacing yourself.

3. You can do well being yourself.

You don't always have to fake it. Tons of advice exists about manipulating the algorithm, but you can get results with honest effort. Become an expert in a niche, build an audience, and sell a product.

People gravitate toward authentic and experienced people. Show your knowledge and personality, and customers will find you online.

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